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trial session for first time students!

Sally's Theatre School Welcomes You

Services We Offer

A Creative Journey

Sally's Theatre school offers opportunities for children aged 5-18 to discover their true creative potential and become confident individuals ready to take on the world!

With small staff to student ratios, children and young adults will have opportunities to improvise, to create their own scripts and to perform the works Shakespeare and of modern writers.

There will be live music, stories, poems and drama games and workshops. As well as having fun, these activities will naturally promote literacy, creative writing skills and self confidence.

Parents are invited to attend a  show at the end of each term and experience the results of all of the hard work and fun!!


Early Drama

Ages 5-10 years

Early Drama offers fun theatre activity mornings promoting confidence and creativity through games, scripts, poems, improvisation, songs, stories and more. Use the props and costumes in our dressing room to create characters! Sing favourite songs with our treasured pianist!

Saturday morning classes with our wonderful students will resume June 8th.

The  cost will be £6 per session the first being free!

Junior & Teen Drama 

Age 10+

There are a fantastic opportunities to gain recognised  Trinity Speech & Drama qualifications for children aged 10+ years, in solo acting, speech and drama and communication skills.  Links with Burton Library also offfer a brand new opportunity to gain a Trinity Arts Award. The friendly team of skilled and experienced teachers and professionals will work with children in small groups to develop their talents and interests for future opportunities in life!

Working with High schools to gain recognised Trinity Speech, Drama and Communication qualifications.

16-18 years

Sally's Theatre School encourages creative potential by working from the student's own interests, experiences

and talents, in order to improvise and develop scripts creating unique  plays and narratives. Students wishing to

take Communication Skills will have the opportunity to develop the confidence and skills needed to aid them on their chosen career path.

1-1 Tuition with Sally Todd

Qualified and experienced Teacher


Speech and Drama Class Term Time


About the People

Sally's School of Theatre seeks to promote confidence and develop literacy skills through exciting drama activities.
The school is headed by Sally, a professional teacher of 26 years, and an 'Out-standing' teacher of drama for 11 years with a national stage school. During this time she wrote work-shopped and directed countless scripts and performances.
Sally works with a team of warm, friendly and  talented individuals, all with vital experience.

 Staff include Joanie -legendary pianist!

Charlie, a child star, having  performed in well known television shows and also in Wind in the Willows on the London circuit!
Our staff will work with small groups of children  in order to foster and develop each child's true creative potential.

Charlie -Child Actor

Assists with High School Tuition

Joanie-Pianist & Local Treasure!!

Opening Hours


Early Drama Age 5-10 years


Junior & Teen Drama 10+ years



Monday, Thursday, Friday- available to work with local schools to offer Trinity qualifications in Speech & Drama, Communication and Art awards.

Classes for new students begin Weds 

26th February 2020


Super Creative

March 26, 2020

A Passion for Poetry @Burton Library

February 11, 2020

A New and Exciting Proposal for a New Year

January 6, 2020

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